We travel the world for vintage...

Jumblelaya has logged thousands of miles searching

...the West Coast, the Heartland, the balmy South and the Eastern Seaboard, Canada, and Europe. Collectively we represent over forty years of passion and experience! All along the meandering back roads and hidden paths, from dusty attics and dark closets to forgotten barns and tumbledown sheds, we tirelessly source our beautiful vintage pieces. Sometimes it's the first light of day these old clothes have seen in decades. With love, respect, and care, we restore these garments and then bring them to market, to find new homes with delighted clients worldwide.

Meet the Faces Behind Jumblelaya

  • photo of Jennifer Lesh Fleck


    Jen has been collecting vintage clothing since her teen years and began selling them in college, getting her start in various antique malls in California. She remembers when selling online meant eBay listings, and when eBay listings required mastering the use of a film camera and a flat-bed scanner. She's proud to be the neighborhood eccentric (and low-key witch) with "all the interesting clothes." Her family lives in a 1918 vintage home that's the spitting image of the Amityville horror house, and she escapes into writing speculative fiction whenever she can.

  • Phil

    A vintage seller with over 20 years experience, Phil spends much of his time accumulating more vintage to bring back to his lair.

    If encountered in the wild, it is best to keep a safe distance and to move slowly. Do not under any circumstances come between him and any vintage clothing that might be in the vicinity.

    Last thing: DO NOT FEED.

  • Olive P. Dogg

    Quality control. Crinoline tester. Mistress of Naps.

    Big direwolf energy, despite being all of 5 lbs.